Medical Dental Equipment Parts

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Medical Dental Equipment Part Products

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CNC Turning and Milling Combined Processing / Lathe, Milling Machine / Inner  and Outer Diameter Grinding / Precision Lost-wax Casting, Forging

Medical Dental Equipment Parts | ShanFung provides precision lost-wax casting, forging, CNC turning and milling combined processing, lathe, milling machine, deep hole machining, surface treatment as well as various types of CNC internal-external grinding, groove grinding, and flat surface forming grinding, all of which are processed and produced in a vertical consistent operation processing and production.

After heat treatment, the manufacturing process requires precision internal and external grinding, and all kinds of shaped and ground parts are the most competitive manufacturing items of the factory. All parts out of our factory must be controlled by various inspection tools, rapid measuring tools, and full-scale inspections during the production process to ensure all shipments free from defect.

ShanFung Industrial Co., Ltd. aims to provide customers the most satisfactory OEM services with our products of high precision, high quality, the most stringent testing standards, on-time delivery and the most competitive price.

If your company has any related products that need to be designed, processed, or manufactured, or are interested in optimizing or improving past products, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

All Products of Medical Dental Equipment Parts

Medical Dental Equipment Part Products

Medical Dental Equipment Parts, Precision Lost Wax Casting, Forging

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ShanFung Industrial Co., Ltd. Provides Customers the Most Satisfactory OEM Services

High precision, High quality, the Most stringent testing standards,
On-time delivery and the Most competitive price